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Level up financial status from the middle group to the rich group or the wealthy group is not complicate but never easy. Meaning of never easy does not mean to earn wealth only because of the most hard part to reach financial freedom is selfcontrol, You have to control yourself wealthy optimized. We can not control individual's habit instead of showing visions and opportunities. As well as everyone knows USA is Capitalism that capitalists have much more opportunity also much easier reaching to the financial goals. If you really want to open a business or have great idea to open a bisiness but lacks of Capital, the best way to start it is opening online business. You may have something better or different products than others either have good skills to create your own crafts. You may hunt products or crafts from wholesale district or local fairs. You can find million ways to start your own eBusiness working for yourself instead of working for someone else. You could be failed, You could be success but if you study eMarketing for eBusiness Traffics, your risk will be almost gone. There is no shortcut path to financial freedom but powerful strategies to make you easier going.


eBusiness Traffics & Online Income

As well as you know all kinds of business needs customers. If you create more customers, you will sell more whatever you have. You know there is natural street traffics of offline business and store rent per month will be depened upon street traffics but there is no traffics of online business unless doing eMarketing. If you are operating offline business already and going to open eBusiness to support offline business, it will help a lot exist business and there are many opportunities to extend it. You need to learn how to get eBusiness traffics which we will train it using DIY(do it yourself) through OJT(on job training), so you will get both making online income and learning eBusiness Marketing. This site is the eMarketing tutorial using OJT method site for trainees' real online income. As soon as you join this site, you will have recruiting system to start eMarketing activities together. What we are training about eMarketing strategies will be your eBusiness activity guideline and you will be fully supported through On Job Training with continuous online income. We do not bluff showing numbers of Online Income which less than 1% of candidates may reach. As eBusiness traffics and Online Incomes are proportional, Your eMarketing activities and Traffics will be also proportional! You will make money while you are learaning, Start trial training class that never expire to build prospects list to open your eStore also to be hired by Cyber Dynasty system!


Cyber Dynasty

I have a plan as a possibly reachable dream for our next generation. If you have a chance to watch busy street or busy highway, you might find the most vehicles are operating by a person. We are going to lead eMarketing Trainees to upleveled working environmental of time/place less. We are going to set CYBER OFFICES scientifically such as SF movie. If you look back decades and compare what you are doing present, you could find it is such as SF movies and you can be sure if you watch very old SiFi movies, so why not start to set futured system decades ahead for New Wave of working environment? Simply explain it is each project team member will come to the Cyber Office not physically. Headquarter will hire Avatar Employees and each team member Avatars come to the same Cyber Office to do a project work with other team members. It should be as same as present employees are working at the physical office using intranet or network computers. The system will controll all avatar employees and working activities. All detail technologies and system development are already using and very few companies already have started to set. If you don't go to the office, it will reduce vehicles' gas burning and it will reduce vehicle pollution and it will help global warming to stop melting polar ice caps and glaciers. Let's start long term conference and activities for it. Let's start to build new work environment of CYBER DYNASTY!


How does this system work?

To build Cyber Dynasty using highest modern earning technologies is going to drive candidates to Cyber Journey. Candidates will pay onetime tuition for Trial Trainee Classes and their Mentors will lead them forward level but not a precondition because the Mentors also can drop out if the candidate does not follow leads nor fail short term goals. This project is not Multi Level neither Binary. Simply think that you are going to sell what you are learning from this system for allying to build our Cyber Dynasty. 70% of One Time tuition for Trial Training Classes of $37.00 will pay to the Mentor. You will find more and more about this system while you are learning and earning.


There are four training courses of

I) Trial Trainee Classes(Prospects Lists Build Up Course)
All kinds(on/offline) of businesses need times to pass break even point and if you have obtained lists, will reach there in shorter time. Follow your mentor to reach there with OJT(on job training)

II) Registered Trainee Classes(Affiliate Marketing Course)
The most eBusiness candidates do what they want to do not what they should do because reaching to intermediate level takes only 2-3 months but from there to expert level has big gaps and beginners never recognize it until get experiences. If they can survive or have to survive, they also have to monetize online income. This OJT course will satisfy trainees' situation.

III) eStore Owner Classes(eStore Operating Course)
OJT(on jot training) system will set eStore for qualified trainees' selling both their products/services and OJT system products or OJT system products only. In this course trainees will study mostly Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping Marketing to lead their students. Your mentor will lead you eBusiness operator(eMarketing and other related management)

IV) Partner Trainee Classes(Cyber Dynasty Employee Course)
Cyber Dynasty needs countless employees to change present working environment with comfort financial freedom status. System will hire Partners from the all trainees who reached their goals with their mentor in OJT system as the best team players society.